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        The 15 Edition of The International Festival of Theatre                                                        “Butrinti 2000”                                                                             will be held from                              ...

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The 14 International Festival of Theatre

 The 14 International Festival of Theatre  JULY 19 – 23, 2017 BASH THEATRE & THE NATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE, ALBANIA MADE   IN  ALBANIA By : Stefan Çapaliku Directed by: Altin Basha     Society of Corfu – Greece. Concert by The Symphonic Orchestra of Philharmonic Artistic Director : Alkis Baltas Supported by Municipality of Saranda ALBANIAN DANCE THEATRE COMPANY, ALBANIA REFLECT  AND VOTE Choreography by : Gjergj Prevazi The Theatre Tribuene, Madrid – Spain  “Blood Wedding”, by: Federico García Lorca Directed by: Directed by: Irina Kouberskaya  ...

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The 13 International Festival of Theatre    July  18 – 23, 2015   The Bulgarian  Army  Theatre , Sofia, Bulgaria “The Decameron” , Directed By: Diana Dobreva                 The Silence Teatro, Bergamo, Italy “Foreign Voices”, Directed by: Luigi Pezzotti Theatre  A.Moisiu , Durres,  Albania “Elektra”, Directed by : Laert Vasili    N.I. Theatre Comedy, Skopje, Macedonia ” Lysistrata”, Directed by: Natasha Poplavska     Company Art Din Tirana , Albania “The true Apology of Socrates”, Adapted for the stage : Mirush Kabashi                    ...

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THE  12  INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE   JULY 18 – 23, 2013   State  Satirical Theater   “Aleko Kostandinov” coproduction  with NATFA   National Academy  for Theatre and Film Arts “ Kristo Safarov”Sofia – Bulgaria Performance : “Espionage in the Stone Age” Directed by: Prof Pllamen Markov   Tribueñe’s Theatre Company Madrid, Spain Performance :“The House of Bernarda  Alba” by Federico García Lorca Directed by:  IRINA KOUBERSKAYA and HUGO PEREZ Lit Moon Theatre Company, Santa Barbara – USA Performance : “The Tempest ” by William Shakespeare Directed by: JOHN BLONDELL The Academic Theatre of Music and Plastic Arts  “АКАДЕМИЯ PYXY “...

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The XI International Festival Of Theatre

THE  11  INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE JULY 17 – 22, 2010 State”VeraKomissarzhevskaya”Theatre Saint-Petersburg – Russia, "Under Support of Ministry  of  Culture of  the Russian Federation Performance : “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, by W. Shakespeare Directed by : Alexander MORFOV A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare, Directed by : Alexander Morfov     Albanian  Theatre Skopje – Macedonia, & National Theatre of Kosovo, Performance : “Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen ”Pergynd” nga Henrik Ibsen Directed by: Slobodan UNKOVSKI     Castle of Lekurs, Saranda “Nikoli Theatre”Cracow /Krakov – Poland/ Nikoli Teater ,  Krakov Poloni Performance : “Chopin's Nocturne” / Music...

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Program of XV Festival


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