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The 15 Edition of the Festival

The  15  Edition  of  The  Festival    July 13 – 20, 2017 July 13, 2017 Opening CeremonY Concert  ORCHESTRA SIGAL UNIQUA AUSTRIA, ALBANIA Directed by : ERMIR DIZDARI   July 14, 2017 THE ALBANIAN DANCE THEATER COMPANY Variations of themes from The Bald Soprano by : Eugenio Ionesco Concept and Choreography by: GJERGJ PREVAZI     July 15, 2017 THESIS THEATRE COMPANY, ATHENS – GREECE A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM BY : SHAKESPEARE DIRECTED BY : MICHALIS SIONAS   July 16, 2017 THEATRE MIGJENI, SHKODRA – ALBANIA THE BLU CANARY BY : STEFAN CAPALIKU DIRECTED BY : STEFAN CAPALIKU July...

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The 18 Edition of “BUTRINTI SUMMER FESTIVAL” from 6 – 13, of July, 2020

Places of the Festival

Press Conferences

The Organizers of The Festivals

The National Butrint Park

    The National Center Of Mediterranean Theatre, Albania