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The V International Festival of Theater

  THE FIFT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE SEPTEMBER 5 – 13, 2004 National Theatre, Albania Performance: “The Miser” Muzika/Music by: Genc Dashi Directed by:Hervin Çuli National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, Sofia Bulgaria Performance:“Magic Night” Stage design: Veçesllav Parapanov. Directed by: Alexander Morfov   National Theatre“Bitola” , Macedonia Performance: “Money kills you” Stage design: Valentin Svetozarev Costumes : Blagoj Micevski.  Adapted & Directed by: Ljupco Gjorgievski Theatre Toneelgroep De Appel, Netherland  Performance:“Tantalus “ Costumes: Bernadette Kijzers Music: Pepijn Zwaanswijk. Regjisor – Directed by: Aus Greidanus Albanian Drama Theatre,Macedonia  Performance:  “The Father” Stage design: Blagoja Micevski Costumes:Blagoja Micevski Directed by: Slobodan Unkovski...

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The IV International Festival of Theater

  THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE SEPTEMBER 3 – 12, 2003     Company “OmIcron” 2, Athens – Greece  Performance:  “Persians” Directed by: Stavros S. Tsakiris  Costumes : Gabriel Neumann Music by : Catherin Rombin   Theatre “ Passe – Partout”, Bucharest – Romania  Performance: “Made in Romania” Directed by: Dan Puric Costumes : Irina Solomon Choreography : Malou Josef   Sonakay Productions Seville -Spain Performance: “Soniquete Flamenco” Choreography : Juan Ogalla.  Sound designer : Rafael Sanches National Theatre “ Ivan Vazov”, Sofia, Bulgaria  Performance: , “The Tempest”  Directed by: Alexander Morfov Stage design: Svetoslav Kokalov  Costumes :...

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The III International Festival of Theater

THE THIRD INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THEATRE SEPTEMBER 2 – 12, 2002   National Theatre, Pristina, Kosovo Performance: Palace of dreams”  Directed by: Altin Basha  Stage design: Petrit Bakalli Municipal Regonial Theatre Kalamata, Greece Performance: “Oresti”  Directed by: Stavros S. Tsakiris  Costumes : Yianis P. Metzikof     National Theatre Split, Croatia Performance:  “Oedipus” Directed by: Ivica Buljan Costumes : Silvio Bujicic   The Balkan New Movement, Belgrade, Serbia Performance:“Fairies dances” Directed by: Milovan Zdravkovic Costumes: Jelena Dzukic Choreography: Jelena Gasic, Tanja Popovic   Toursky Theatre Marseille, France Performance:  “The exile” Directed by: Richard Martin  Music by : Fatos Qerimi  ...

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The Butrint National Park

The Butrint National  Park   The area around the antique town of Butrint in southern Albania is not only home to several globally threatened species, but has also a rich cultural history, justifying its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The National Park comprises a high diversity of natural, semi-natural and artificial habitats, such as freshwater marshes, reed beds, Mediterranean forests and marquis, arable lands and fruit-tree terraces, as well as coastal waters with rocky and sandy coast, open saprophytic lands, etc. These habitats shelter a high diversity of animals and plants, including species of global and regional concern, which make the Butrint area one of the most important areas for biodiversity in Albania. The ancient town of Butrint was first proclaimed Cultural Monument in 1948; in 1999 it was registered in the World Heritage list of UNESCO; in 2003 the wetland complex, including a part of the lagoon and the coastal area of Butrint – Stillo Cape – was proclaimed a Ramsar Site and a National Park (Category II of the IUCN Protected Area Management Categories). Due to its importance for the preservation of archaeological and historical heritage, Butrint was designated in 1992 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cultural importance of the landscape and archaeological setting was recognized by the enlargement of the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation to incorporate an area of 2900 ha....

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Press Release

The Theatre Company Tribueñe returns to Albania to perform “Blood weddings” by Federico García Lorca, in the 14th Butrinti 2000 International Theatre Festival. July 22nd, 2016 at 21:00h After the success achieved with “The house of Bernarda Alba” three years ago, the dramaturgy of Federico García Lorca, will vibrate once again with the stones of this magic theatre. The Theatre Company Tribueñe will perform for the assistant audience to this International Festival “Blood weddings” under the direction of Irina Kouberskaya. Atemporal show, geographically decontextualized with a brave reading with gives a new mythological and universal break to the...

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