For many years The National Center of The Mediterranean Theatre, The Butrint National Park, Municipality of Saranda in collaboration with The Ministry of Culture, and other sponsors succeeded in creating a new cultural institution with special values. For 13 years and on this institution called The International Festival of Theatre “Butrinti 2000”, has presented its editions with much success. Many professional troupes, from different countries of World, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, Greece, USA, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Spain, Hungary, Netherland, Sweden, Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany, Russia and Turkey h ave participated in this event. It is organized in one of the magnificent places of Mediterranean, in the Antique Theatre of Butrint, Saranda, and is appreciated from the participants, the invited people from the inside and outside the country. It is also appreciated from media, too, as an activity of European parameters. In the magic scene of Butrint have had the chance to perform nearly 2650 artist from the participating countries. The shows have been attended by nearly 58.500 Albanian and foreign spectators.              

Within this activity with unique values for the country and the artistic community, will be organized other activities as: The competition and the picture show; Concerts and folk music,. At the same time, an important place shall take the debate tables on the Theatre issue, Cultural Tourism, Marketing and the real possibilities for the contacts among The International Festival of The Theatre “Butrinti 2000” with other European festivals. Held in the touristic season, there will be many foreign tourists.

The festival is not simply an international festival of antique or classical theatre. It is a contemporary exploration of the theatrical possibilities of this ancient site. It promises discoveries about the origins of theatre, about the power of myth and poses questions about the meaning of theatre in our contemporary world. There is an extraordinary mixture of international theatre practitioners, figures from the Albanian cultural elite and local people, which perhaps are seeing theatre for the first time. All this elements make this festival stimulating and productive

This event has already taken the integration passport, opening so a precious view to all the Albanian artists, by being in contact with the contemporary world theatre, also providing a direct help in the promotion of the cultural tourism.

 The goals and the objectives of the projects:

       The creation of space integration with the European cultures.

  • Direct contribution in developing the cultural tourism.
  • Confrontation of the composition with the contemporary theatre.
  • Promoting the cultural tourism values of our country.
  • Exchanging different experiences in the theatre field and elsewhere.
  • Expanding the artistic activity by facing the artistic creativity of the Contemporary Theatres. The minorities as a valuable part of the Global Culture.

The expected results:

        A) The creation of a space integration in the European cultures.

B) Direct contribution in developing the cultural tourism.

C) Bring to attention of the international organizations engagement, concerning the  development of the Albanian art, culture,

tourism and archaeology.

D) Showing the best traditional values of our country.

E) Adding the numbers of the spectators.

F) Promoting the best values of the new artists.

Description of the activities (expected attendance, marketing campaign):

 The opening ceremony in Butrinti antique  theatre or in Butrinti Hotel, participants, artists, cultural personalities, politicians, media, supporters of the Festival, ambassadors etc. The opening speech will be held by the President of the festival Minister of the Tourism, and by the Director of the festival. Every night performances in Butrinti antique theatre from different group participant in the festival, with high artistic level in their contents and in their direction.

 Attendance & Audience Profile

The total project attendance.

This year (estimated)  9200

Last year      7800

2 years ago  6950

Indicate the ages of participants (totalling 100%):

Under 18                  4 %

18 – 24                   15 %

25 – 34                   35%

35 – 44                   25%

45 – 54                   15 %

55 – 64                     5 %

65+                          1%

 Describe the profile of attendees (i.e. demographics).

Female                    58 %

Male                        42%



The geographic reach

Local:                              30 %

Regional:                         60 %

Provincial:                       10%

Project Beneficiaries:

 The beneficiaries of this project are the following:

  • The central Albanian government.
  • The municipalities of Saranda, Vlora, Himara, Gjirokastra, tourist accommodation facilities, local services related to tourism, local artists, etc.
  • In addition through this Festival young artists, students of the University of Arts, musicians, singers, composers, painters, set designers will be able to taste, knowledge of performing arts theater, the spectacle of the street, the music of folk, classical and easily combined with elements of cultural heritage. Developed in peak season it will give the opportunity to local and foreign tourists to enjoy a “cocktail” cultural
  • Children, youth, seniors will be part of by virtue of the direct performances of street theater, other spectacles in the main squares of cities, live concerts in competitions and exhibitions of painting and photography.
  • The benefits of this project related to the improvement of national image, to exchange experiences with foreign artists and multiple presentation of cultural values, human and historical

 Unfortunately, all this treasure in the last 2 years, has vanished  as a consequence of the economic crisis that was spread globally, and not only this, but it has touched our country in all the cells of the social, economical, cultural life creating in this way great difficulties in different, but very important sectors of the economical life.

Speaking concretely about the International Festival of “Butrinti 2000”, we can say that this crises touched directly the most important element of this festival, cutting in half the budget of the main donator of this Festival, which is The Ministry of Culture, , and on the other hand there was a minimization from the part of the other donations.

This situation created serious difficulties in the survival of this important activity for the country. In these circumstances, the organizers supported by the Community of all Artists made all possible achieving its development even in such difficult circumstances by minimizing the numbers of the performances of the Festival, as well as its inner activities.

 For sure, the organizers are in their way in trying to achieve the numbers of the performances of the previous Festivals and other activities, and why not to exceed them. Having the very limited support by The Ministry of Culture, the organizers are in their way in finding new ways of donations which can make possible the achievement of the objectives of the event which are considered to be of great importance for the region.



The partners of the project:

  1. “Butrinti” Foundation
  2. “The National Park of Butrinti”
  3. “The International Institute of the Mediterranean Theatre of Madrid” Spain
  4. “NETA” (New European Theatre Action)

The Foreign Embassies in Tirana, Albania, etc.