The 15 Edition of The International Festival of Theatre "BUTRINTI2000" will be held from July 13 - 20, 2017 in Open Antique Theatre Butrint , Castle of Lekurs, Saranda, Albania.
Archeological site of Butrint included in The Butrinti National Park. Butrinti is a rare archaeological site and a micro-cosmos of a three thousand medieval history, which has resisted since the period of ancient Greeks to the Venetian one. It is found in the southern border of Albania and fifteen kilometers in the south of Saranda. It is less than 10 kilometers from Corfu and is connected with the Mediterranean through the Vivari Chanel, which flows from its lake to the Ionic Sea. Butrinti has preserved many ancient monuments. One of the greatest cultural properties of the ancient town is the theater, which was built in the 3 century BC.    

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