KADRI ROSHI – Actor, Albania

“The International Festival of the Theatre “BUTRINTI 2000” is the coronet of the artistic events of the country”


.Catalina Buzoianu Director Romania

CATALINA BUSOIANU – Theatre Director, Rumania

“It is a great pleasure to us to act on the stage of such a beautiful place as Butrint. We found a wonderful site and people as well. We hope to come back again”.


Maks Velo, Painter Artistic Coordinator of the Festival

MAKS VELO – Painter, Albania

Butrinti was revived by theater festival. This is the live of the second ancient theater we brought troupes from all over the world, thus the Butrinti festival of theater returned to Academia more valuable in Albania. The festival has become a mark in the history of our art.

Alexander Morfov , Director Honorary President of the Festival , Sofia, Bulgaria

 ALEXANDER MORFOV – Theatre Director, Bulgaria

“I have taken part in thirty international festivals, but that of Butrinti is provided with a wonderful environment”.


Nebojsa Bradic Director , Serbia

NEBOJSA BRADIC – Theatre Director, Serbia

Butrinti Festival is conceived in a wonderful way. It allows the theatre people to experience themselves in the conjuncture challenge of the classical with the modern



FADIL HYSAJ – Theatre Director, Kosovo

The troupes bring a spiritual identity of theirs in Butrinti festival, except a professional artistic level



 DENISE EVANS – Actress and Theatre Director, England

There is nothing more beautiful than Butrinti. It is magic and interesting.

We performed there, and I have not been such a special and beautiful country.



 RUZHDI PULAHA – Play writer, Albania

The International Festival of the Theatre “Butrinti 2000” gives honors to all of us by appealing, at the same time, for more carefully, love  and investments to arts, and theatre in particular, in order to bring into stage major values by multiplying laurels of Albanian arts”.


RUDIGER SCHAPER – Theatre Critic, Germany

“The International Festival of the Theatre “Butrinti 2000” is like the spirit of the great actor, Alexander Moisiu”.


Ivica Buljan, Director Croatia

 IVICA BULJAN – Theatre Director, Croatia

“I felt myself quite well after the performance; the audience was remarkable. I did not notice any difference between the home spectators and the Croatian ones”.



JOSIF PAPAGJONI – Theatre Critic, Albania

“Butrinti 2000” is of a two-folded pleasure to me as it puts into the integration road toward the European culture values the honor of my hometown and the loftiness of the Albanian theatre as well. This festival is building its castle, which will be a full, precious reference point, of our culture in relation to other European cultures.



STEFAN ÇAPALIKU – Play writer, Albania

The Butrinti festival is the most important activity in the field of theater and the most prominent cultural event of the country.



RAJMONDA BULKU – Actress, Albania

This festival others a culture that you can’t take in the books. Trust me, it is the great luxury to be even its spectators.

Stavros S. Tsakiris

STAVROS S. TSAKIRIS – Theatre Director, Greece

“Festivals resembles the mother that bosoms her children; a healthy child, asking for safeguarding, was already born: the International Festival of the Theatre “ Butrinti 2000”


Eric Vigner, Director France

ERIC VIGNER – Theatre Director, France

The theater is a mirror for people to see each other, hence flows the interest in Butrinti Festival