Founded in 2000 by The National Center of Mediterranean Theatre the Butrinti Festival is today one of the most important contemporary performing arts events e especially of theater in the region. Every year in July, Butrinti becomes a city-theater, transforming its architectural heritage into various performance venues, majestic or surprising, welcoming tens of thousands of theater-lovers of all ages. The spectators, often on vacation and far from home, spend several days in Butrint. Everything started as a dream, which went through our minds and hearts for a long time. It would be necessary the coming of the new millennium, year 2000, the initiative of The National Center of Mediterranean Theatre and the special support of Albanian Ministry of Culture, The National of Butrinti Park and other sponsors that this dream may become reality. The ancient theatre of Butrinti resurrected after 2500 years with the International Festival, which took the emblem: “Butrinti 2000”. For many years The National Center of The Mediterranean Theatre, in collaboration with The Ministry of Culture , The Butrint National Park, Municipality of Saranda  and other sponsors succeeded in creating a new cultural institution with special values. For 13-th years and on this institution called The International Festival of Theatre “Butrinti 2000”, has presented its editions with much success. Many professional troupes, from different countries of World, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, Denmark, Greece, USA, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Spain, Hungary, Netherland, Sweden, Macedonia, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey  have participated in this event. It is organized in one of the magnificent places of Mediterranean, in the Antique Theatre of Butrint, Saranda, and is appreciated from the participants, the invited people from the inside and outside the country. It is also appreciated from media, too, as an activity of European parameters. In the magic scene of Butrint have had the chance to perform nearly 2850 artist from the participating countries. The shows have been attended by nearly 60.500 Albanian and foreign spectators.